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Past Events

Summer Break Ends

S1 Orientation

S1 Orientation

Summer Break Begins

Last Day of School

S1 Performance Night

S1 Registration

S1 Registration

HKSAR Establishment Day

Summer Order Ends

End-of-Year Thanksgiving Mass

Summer Order Begins

Last Day Celebration for S6

Dragon Boat Festival

The day following Labour Day

Easter Holiday Ends

Special Vacation Ends

Easter Holiday Begins

Ching Ming Festival

Special Vacation Begins

Monday Order

Last Day of School for S6

Day after S1-S5 Parents’ Day

Lunar New Year Holiday Ends

Lunar New Year Holiday Begins

Music Training Camp Ends

Music Training Camp Begins

Christmas Celebration

The day following Polling Day

Speech Day (pm)

S1 Information Day

Life-Wide Learning Day (S1-S5)

Chung Yeung Festival

Monday Order

National Day

School Opening Mass

School Resumes