Values education is essential to develop individuals and help them lifelong in many ways. It develops the character and personality of the students, develops a positive view of life in students’ minds. It also gives a positive direction to the students to shape their future and helps them to know the purpose of their life. Values education teaches students the best way to live that can be beneficial to individuals as well as the people around them.

We aim at promoting Catholic Values Education. Our school’s vision and mission is to nurture men of human excellence and form Men for and with others with a guiding principle being students learn how to live as they learn how to serve, as guided by the school Prayer (“Help me to live as I ought to live”). We care about values related to self-acceptance, family, love, justice and truth. Our team offers whole school events, organizes level-based experiential trips, designs and plans formation lesson materials for class teachers to make values education livelier and engaging.

Below are our themes for all levels:

  • S1 Responsibility
  • S2 Compassion
  • S3 Forgiveness
  • S4 Love and Service
  • S5 Magis
  • S6 Discernment

Our main theme for this academic year is “Together we run”.  Life is like a marathon, we all have to find our paths and keep running. To equip our students with beneficial qualities like perseverance, transcendence and strive for excellence, we have set eight checkpoints this year to keep track of their progress. The checkpoints would include school events of various aspects (academic, cultural, sports, and service) to nurture holistic development.

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