WYK STEM Education

Mission:  To develop solutions for real-world problems and to create a better future

Major concerns:

  1. To equip Wahyanites to be logical thinkers who are eager to integrate and apply knowledge and skills across disciplines to solve real-world problems;
  2. To build the infrastructure to facilitate Wahyanites’ creativity, collaboration and problem-solving skills.
  3. To sustain the promotion of STEM education through staff and leadership development;
  4. To collaborate with partners to enlighten Wahyanites about STEM pathways for life.

Curriculum for S1 to S3 students

Arduino Bluetooth Vehicle enrichment course

Forensic Science Workshops

WYK Tech Camp (Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning)

Introduction of AMGEN biotechnology kit for S4 & S5 students

STEM Competitions & Other Learning Experiences

International Junior Science Olympiad Hong Kong Screening

Hong Kong Olympiad in Informatics

HKSSPC 2019 International Division – Visit to Wah Yan College, Kowloon

Visit to Facebook Headquarters

Pui Ching Programming Challenge

Inter-School Drone Competition 2019

The 1st InterSchool Fintech Application and Innovation Competition

Hong Kong Student Science Project Competition – Invention

Opening ceremony of InnoCarnival

National Science Festival at Shanghai

Hong Kong Student Science Project Competition – Invention

Hong Kong Student Science Project Competition – Investigative study

An Evening with Stephen Hawking

CUHK Popular Science Talk

InnoTalk: Am I an Engineer, Mathematician or Scientist?