As a Jesuit School, we encourage our students to have a habit of reflection on their daily life. Everyday we spend 10 minutes after lunch to practise Examen of Consciousness to go deeper into our life experience.  The main elements are :

  1. Be still and focus on one’s breathing and presence in the context of goodness (that one is in God’s presence and seeking enlightenment from God.)
  2. What am I grateful for and happy with? Feeling the love and blessings on me.
  3. What is life revealing to me (what is God trying to teach me)? What have I learned about myself, especially from choices that I have made or not made?
  4. Where and how do I desire to do better? Where do I need forgiveness, to forgive and be forgiven? (Ask God for his help and forgiveness.)
  5. Looking forward to the rest of the day and tomorrow, what particular challenges or opportunities I will need to ask for support? How can I better approach those challenges and opportunities? (Ask God for guidance and grace for those areas.)
  6. I can finish with a short prayer, e.g. Glory Be (optional)