Message from the Principal (2020-21)
In Adversity, We Rise
In Plurality, We Unite

Time seems to defy any law of Physics during the hopefully once-in-a-lifetime staycation and dashes extraordinarily fast; almost without noticing it, our summer vacation is nonchalantly coming to a close. Time flies and life goes on but what matters is whether we can be the pilots. Wahyanites, have you had a joyous and fulfilling vacation? I pray that you all stay healthy, have read some inspiring books to create a vision for your life, have played some games to keep yourselves strong, have done some revision to get ready for your future, and most importantly, have spent some quality time with your loved ones to make life meaningful.

Last year, we did not spend much time on campus as regular school was disrupted in one way or another by the city-wide social movement, or the lingering world-wide public health concern. Learning at such difficult times was certainly daunting, which required extra resilience, passion, faith and self-directed and reflective learning capabilities. In this regard, we are particularly glad to see that over the past year, our fine young gentlemen did not pass heartbreaking hours dwelling on the misfortunes, disappointment, or setbacks that they were facing; instead, they had the resilience to rise high from challenges.

I am very proud to report that the trying year of 2019-20 saw the best overall results in terms of the HKDSE examination and the JUPAS offer rate. Congratulations to all Wahyanites, and especially to our Class 2020, who, in the toughest year, gave the strongest performance. Most notably, our fine young gentlemen did not only survive tough times, but surpassed expectations.

In adversity, we Wahyanites rise – and rise higher than ever.

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted on every aspect of our lives and brought about a new normal. It is expected that the coming academic year of 2020-21 would not be any less extraordinary. As such, school still resumes on 1 September “as usual”; however, students stay at home to have eLearning.

We are taking roll calls, having assembly, and meeting new teachers and classmates online. No one can prophesy what the future is like as it is fast-changing and volatile. To get ready is to embrace change, and the best we could do is to equip ourselves well so that we could have the ingenuity to be riding on the change and even become change agents for a better world.

As educators, our biggest joy stems from witnessing our students maturing into responsible individuals, who care to make huge efforts in equipping themselves well both academically and non-­academically, excelling as Men of Human Excellence for the greater good of society and the world; they are also resilient, adaptive, and reflective enough to face headwinds in the changing era, serving humbly as Men for and with Others for the greater glory of God.

My dear Wahyanites, together we are making it through rocky times, and this is exactly what makes us tougher. Looking ahead, we shall keep accompanying you to journey into uncharted waters in the spirit of “unity in plurality”, as learning to be empathic with others’ needs, ideas and feelings, being ethically discerning with a universal heart are exactly key to the Jesuit education that we have long been offering here at Wah Yan. It is always easy to simply agree or disagree; however, at Wah Yan, we should endeavour to “agree to disagree”, allowing room for open, dynamic, and meaningful exchange, which is exactly what makes a community vibrant. We strive to unite in plurality; after all, we are all Wahyanites.

Time has proven that Wahyanites have the abilities, courage, and resilience to rise higher in adversity. As we enter into the new year, I envisage that our students are also able to acquire the necessary skills in setting SMART learning goals which are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timed, learning time management and solidifying themselves as efficient and effective self-directed and reflective learners. This way, I have full confidence that all Wahyanites are able to reach further and soar higher.

May I wish you all yet another extraordinary year of 2020-21, in the most positive sense. In hoc signo vinces.

Warren CHUNG