On behalf of my companions in the Wah Yan community, I offer my warmest welcome to all who take an interest in Wah Yan College, Kowloon (WYK), a Jesuit boys’ school established since 1924.


Illuminating the vision of St. Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Society of Jesus, Jesuit education entails expansive learning experiences that transcend regular teach and preach. It calls for an active appropriation of knowledge and skills elicited from a cycle of experience, reflection, and action, with a view to nurturing intellectual, ethical, and discerning individuals. At WYK, it is our tradition to learn by experience, learn through reflection, and learn with and from companions.


As Ignatian educators, we care deeply for the mind as much as the heart and soul of each student. Not only do we aspire to sharpen the intellect, but also awaken the spirituality of students. We inspire and encourage students to open doors to diverse learning experiences, from which they take the initiative to learn to do better every day, and in every way – and serve the greater good as Men for and with Others. On their journey towards personal growth and self-exploration, we double our roles as their life companions as they travel through peaks and valleys in their lives.


As we transcend the century, I am confident that WYK will remain true to its founding principles and Jesuit values in nurturing more warm hearts and great minds for the betterment of our shared world – for the greater glory of God.


In taking up the baton of Principal of a school blessed with a rich heritage, I am honoured and humbled to invite you to come and discover the Jesuit learning experience that WYK has to offer.


Ms. CHOW Tze Sze Cecilia