Message from the Principal (2021-22)
Learn to Be a Leader-in-Service with Companionship;
Create a Hope-Filled Future with MAGIS

Two years on, we and the world at large are still stuck in limbo as the COVID-19 pandemic has repeatedly changed course; the only certainty that the pandemic promises is a tectonic shift in the ways we learn, we teach, and we live. Life will never be the same again – even if the pandemic eases or ends. Yet, what matters most is not how volatile and complex the situation is but how we deal with the predicament. The pandemic puts us all to the test – who has the capability to play a long game, calmly and wisely, with patience, will eventually carry the day.

In this regard, we are delighted to witness our fine young gentlemen managing themselves well and rising even higher in adversities over the past two years. In yet another trying year, Class 2021 delivered an impressive performance with composure and perseverance. Their exceptional performance is evident in the pleasing outcomes of the JUPAS offer rate, reaching 83%, comparable to the record that their dear brothers set last year.

Wahyanites have proven themselves as Men of Human Excellence in their academic achievements and Men for and with Others in different pursuits, committed to leveraging their knowledge and skills to serve the community and make the world a better place. The STEM team students’ invention, the AI escalator, which slows down when the facial recognition device detects an elderly approaching, is a testimony to their devotion to serving others.

Here, what’s most luminous are not the hard figures and glittering achievements, but the efforts they make behind the scenes, the spirit of MAGIS in doing better every day and the ability to carefully administer varied doses of hope and despair in the face of an ambiguous future. They do not let fear run their lives; instead, they embrace challenges with faith, grit, and wit, following in the footsteps of St. Ignatius to live life with one foot raised, always ready to go forward in good times and in bad times.

Wahyanites, we are all superheroes, and our superpower is the God-given MAGIS. With MAGIS, every day and in every way, we can do better and better. Why not? MAGIS is not magic; it is 99% hard work- first, you have dreams, followed by goals as dreams without goals remain just dreams, and then you put in tons of hard work to reach your goals. With MAGIS, nothing can stop you.

Wah Yan is a Jesuit school, and we, both students and educators, should always strive to do better and aim higher in the spirit of MAGIS for the greater glory of God. Only if we equip ourselves well can we have the ability and competency to help others in need and make a difference.

As we anticipate another year marred by the pandemic, please rest assured that you will never walk alone. As Ignatian educators, we provide cura personalis – caring for the heart, mind and soul. We are dedicated to accompanying you to create a hope-filled future that fosters unity in plurality. Through the Examen and a range of formation and pastoral care programmes, students develop the ability to constantly reflect and exercise discernment and empathy, which, on the character formation level, lays a solid foundation for them to grow into compassionate leaders-in-service with a conscience.

Especially in this Ignatian Year of 2021-22, the pandemic can be read as an allegory of the cannonball moment that St. Ignatius, the founder of the Society of Jesus, suffered 500 years ago. It is a great test of stamina, resilience, and faith. In the face of adversity, we shall equip ourselves well through reflection, be adaptive and rise even higher – like your dear brothers, because, by this sign, we shall conquer.

September arrives again as the sultry summer heat segues into gentle autumn breezes on this vast and green campus. At 56 Waterloo Road, our campus has witnessed the school reopening ceremony in September 70 times. I partook in the ceremony seven times as a student like you, and I have presided over it nine times as the Principal – including the last one held yesterday as I will be reaching the retirement age in March 2022.

In the blink of an eye, 2021-22 will be the finale of my mission as an educator. My wonder journey with Wah Yan started on 27 August 2013 as I held the First Staff Meeting that day. After the meeting, Fr. Naylor held my arm softly, led me out of the Common Room and said with a stern look, “You have to make this place better.” Entrusted with such a mission, I find it particularly fulfilling throughout the years – as your elder brother – to witness my dear brothers maturing into fine young gentlemen who care to serve others with warm hearts; academically, they have also managed to stretch their potential to achieve their personal best. As such, over my eight years here at Wah Yan, the JUPAS offer rate has seen a staggering increase of almost 100%. Wahyanites, only the sky is the limit.

In the spirit of MAGIS, always do better and fly higher for the greater good of society and the greater glory of God – this is precisely how, for almost a century, we safeguard the coveted identity of being a “Wahyanite”, with a mission to leave the world better.

Warren CHUNG