Jesuit Vision Statement for our Education Apostolate in Hong Kong:
“We offer a holistic, liberating and transforming Catholic education within a learning community for students and staff to become progressively competent, committed, compassionate, spiritual, and ethically discerning persons with a universal heart contributing to the welfare and happiness of all, in particular the poor and the neglected.”

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2020-10-14 wyk_admin

Speech Day 2019

On 9 Oct 2020, we welcomed our Class of 2019 back on campus for the literally

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2020-10-08 wyk_admin

Smart Parents (vol. 542)

As Wahyanites, we serve, we excel, and we are Men for and with Others!  Check

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2020-10-05 wyk_admin

Staff Reunion and Development Day

The Staff Reunion and Development Day on 30 September offered an opportune moment for

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The day following Chung Yeung Festival

Monday Order

S2 Performance Night

Quote of the Day:
If you judge people, you have no time to love them. — St. Mother Teresa