19 Jul 2020

Transcending 100 World Record Creation@Wah Yan

Co-helmed by the two Wah Yans and the Wah Yan One Family Foundation, the Transcending 100 World Record Creation aims at setting a Guinness World Record in the spirit of “Men for and with Others”.

Proceeds will culminate in the production of 10,000 blessing bags to the elderly in need, as well as the furthering of our quintessential Jesuit education that has nurtured young talents for the city and the world for a century.  Specifically, initiatives supported by the donation include small class teaching and enrichment programmes for whole-person development, which are key to helping students to spread their wings and realise their potential.

A gift from you can make an immediate impact on our enduring endeavours in education as we transcend into the next century and beyond.

Pledge your support and help Wahyanites grow and thrive.