16 Sep 2019

Staff Reunion and Development Day

Falling on the same day as the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Staff Reunion and Development Day pertinently bespoke the values that are most treasured at Wah Yan.

The themes of the staff development event rested on safeguarding minors and the Universal Apostolic Preferences. We were very honoured to have Fr John Lee from Taiwan to elucidate how to protect and care for the common good of the students and the schools. Our supervisor, Fr Stephen Chow shed light on the Universal Apostolic Preferences, directives to be implemented in the two Wah Yans over the coming decade, with a view to helping students grow in discernment and commitment with intellectual depth. As Ignatius educators, we are to accompany young people and work towards a hope-filled future.

The event ended on a positive note with a reunion feast of the two Wah Yans.