14 Jul 2023

Speech Day 2023

The Speech Day was brought forward to July for the first time in a bid to reunite a fuller cohort of graduates on campus before they fly off, literally and figuratively, to their next destinations in life.

On 14 July 2023, we were immensely honoured to have Professor Joseph Kee Yin NG, an alumnus of Class ’80, address the congregation.  The life story and words of wisdom that Professor NG shared with all his younger brothers at WYK were deeply felt; his story exemplified the School Prayer “be with me in my disappointments and sufferings, so that I may have strength to overcome my problems and accept my pain with courage and cheerfulness”.  

Dear Wahyanites, as you fly off to pursue your dreams, please take the School Prayer to heart, an anchor that keeps you grounded in a changing and uncertain world.  Brave the wrath of the real world like a Wahyanite because – in hoc signo vinces.

Memories of the chanting with your dear brothers for one last time under the stars at 56 Waterloo Road in this very summer evening may fade, but the chants will surely echo somewhere, sometime in your heart, for life.