18 Nov 2022

Speech Day 2022

Our gentlemen from Class of 2022, dressed in decent school uniform with their green blazer on for one last time, returned to the campus on 18 November 2022 for the Speech Day – with big grins that their masks could not contain.  That evening, we were immensely honoured to have Dr Ko Pat Sing, Tony, an alumnus of Class ’83, address the congregation.

Speech Day 2022 reminded us of the unforgiving march of time, which indeed, was a blessing in disguise.  The last time we saw the faces of this cohort was almost three years ago when they were still teenagers.  Even when proper school life was brought to a halt by the pandemic throughout their senior years, they still managed themselves well in adversity.  That evening, we witnessed their transcendence and how they had matured into warm-hearted young adults with diligence and intellect, ready to take the next big step in life.  

Dear graduates, thank you for joining WYK six years ago, and be proud of being a Wahyanite.  As you journey on in life, please take the School Prayer to heart, “to live as [you] ought to live”.  Your alma mater is confident that you will thrive in your own way – and is looking forward to your return, some day in the future, as the Guest of Honour of the event.