01 Dec 2021

Speech Day 2021

19 November 2021 saw the very rite that marked the official transcendence of our Class 2021 graduates from teenagers to fine young gentlemen. 

In the face of the looming pandemic, fragile as we are as only humans, we still stand as one – tall and strong – in the name of Wah Yan, and managed to deliver another year of impressive performance.

Time flies, and we had to bid farewell to our Class of 2021 officially.  We wish them the choicest blessings after passing through our Main Gate at 56 Waterloo Road in the serene evening of the Speech Day, which ended on a high note with exhilarating cheering by our graduates. We hope they will never forget the cheers “strive for glory, strive for honour” that they chanted fervently with their brothers that evening.  As they journey on in life, they shall continue to excel and serve the greater good as warm-hearted Wahyanites as always.