14 Oct 2020

Speech Day 2019

On 9 Oct 2020, we welcomed our Class of 2019 back on campus for the literally long-awaited Speech Day (after being postponed twice in Nov 2019 and July 2020) – the graduation ceremony that we insisted on preparing for them as an earnest conclusion of the most important chapter in their teenage years.

It was heartwarming to see them mature from S.1 boys into fine gentlemen, who are currently university Year 2 students pursuing different aspirations in their studies.  Guest of Honour of the evening, Mr. LUI Siu Lun Alan, who is also an alumnus, offered shrewd insights and some tried and true wisdom of some seemingly simple notions of time and family; we hope our graduates could be inspired and make astute choices in life.

Dear graduates, fly high from here – and your alma mater will always be there for you on 56 Waterloo Road.