18 Nov 2019

Postponement of Gala Dinner

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It is time to take out your pens and sheets of paper to draw a large Venn diagram that will guide you on the path to success: make a list of all the skills, experiences and personal qualities required for your future job. Then add the skills, experiences and personal qualities that you already have and observe the point where the two circles overlap. This will serve as a reference for you to understand the points to be improved or highlighted in your CV and your cover letter. Learn everything there is to know about the sector and jobs. This will not only prepare you for your future career, but it will also help you in the creation of your network and your professional interviews. To become an expert in your field, interact on forums with writers from Type My Essays, consult blogs and join groups, both online and offline. Also, make sure you know a few key company names – online and offline – locally, nationally, and even internationally.