22 Jul 2020

Our Top 10 Scholars of HKDSE 2020

This year is an eventful year as well as a trying year, especially for our S.6 students, whom have been plagued by the social unrest, the COVID-19 pandemic, prolonged periods of class suspension, postponement of the HKDSE examination and cancellation of the speaking examinations of the two languages, to name but a few. Nevertheless, our Wahyanites have weathered the storm by showing their true grit and passed the HKDSE examination with flying colours, adding a feather in their cap.

Our Top 10 Scholars of HKDSE 2020 are as follows:

1) LAU Chun Yin (6W) (FIVE Level 5** & TWO Level 5*)

2) LAM Noddy (6Y) (FIVE Level 5** & TWO Level 5*)

3) CHAN Hong Ching (6W)

4) SIU Fung (6W)

5) SZETO Tik Yeung (6W)

6) MOK Tsung Tsun Jeffrey (6W)

7) LAU Wai Yin (6W)

8) LAM Lok Tin (6Y)

9) WONG Long Yin (6W)

10) NG Ka Ming (6J)

Congratulations! Let us celebrate and support each other on this pivotal occasion.