15 Apr 2024

National Security Education Day

With a view to deepening students’ understanding of Chinese culture and raising students’ awareness of national security, a range of activities were held on the National Security Education Day.  Activities included displays on school bulletin boards and specifically, cross-curricular learning on Chinese science and technology – featuring a whole-school approach of mini games that also promoted self-directed learning. 

Both students and teachers participated actively in the mini games, and meanwhile, deepened their understanding in the extraordinary achievements of great Chinese figures in the realm of science and technology since the ancient times to the 21st century, eg Liu Hui (ancient Chinese mathematician), Xu Guangqi (agricultural scientist, astronomer, and mathematician in the Ming Dynasty), Yang Liwei (China’s first astronaut), Professor Charles Kuen Kao (Nobel Laureate in Physics & Father of Fibre Optics), and Tu Youyou (Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine), etc.