02 Sep 2021

Message from the Principal (2021-22)

Two years on, we and the world at large are still stuck in limbo as the COVID-19 pandemic has repeatedly changed course; the only certainty that the pandemic promises is a tectonic shift in the ways we learn, we teach, and we live. Life will never be the same again – even if the pandemic eases or ends. Yet, what matters most is not how volatile and complex the situation is but how we deal with the predicament. The pandemic puts us all to the test – who has the capability to play a long game, calmly and wisely, with patience, will eventually carry the day.

In this regard, we are delighted to witness our fine young gentlemen managing themselves well and rising even higher in adversities over the past two years. In yet another trying year, Class 2021 delivered an impressive performance with composure and perseverance. Their exceptional performance is evident in the pleasing outcomes of the JUPAS offer rate, reaching 83%, comparable to the record that their dear brothers set last year.

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