26 Aug 2020

Letter to Parents before School Resumption

Dear Parents,

Since last year, which was also the 95th anniversary of Wah Yan College, Kowloon, we have all been confronted by a dizzying array of uneasiness, be it the city-wide social movement, or the lingering world-wide public health concern, in which almost every aspect of our lives has been upended.

However, in adversity, we Wahyanites rise – and rise higher than ever.

I am pleased to report that the trying year of 2019-20 saw the best overall results in terms of the HKDSE examination and the JUPAS offer rate. Congratulations to all Wahyanites, and especially to our Class 2020, who, in the toughest year, gave the strongest performance.

As we endeavour to nurture Men of Human Excellence, we are particularly glad to see that Wahyanites did not pass heartbreaking hours dwelling on the misfortunes, disappointment, or setbacks that they were facing at the moment; instead, they have the resilience to rise higher from challenges, to equip themselves well academically, and be better prepared as Men for and with Others, rising to greater challenges in the future.

It seems that the course of history has mandated our 95th anniversary to be a historic year in the most extraordinarily challenging sense. Let us take it as a bracing exploration of the dark corners of ourselves, society, the world and, meanwhile, reflect on how to do better for the greater good in the coming academic year. Looking ahead, we shall accompany our fine young gentlemen to keep journeying into uncharted waters in the spirit of “unity in plurality”, endeavoring to serve the greater glory of God as Men of Human Excellence and Men for and with Others. After all, at Wah Yan, we value “unity in plurality” and we are committed to helping our students learn to be empathic with others’ needs, ideas and feelings; we hope the attached letter from our Supervisor and me could shed light on this.

May I wish you all yet another extraordinary year of 2020-21, in the most positive sense. In hoc signo vinces.

Yours faithfully,
Warren CHUNG