02 Aug 2022

Inter-School Swimming Competition (Division 1) 2021-22

Years ago, in 2017-18, we plunged from 4th to 7th overall at the Inter-School Swimming Competition (Division 1). It was a headlong plunge, but our team spirit lives on.

As sportsmen, we know that it may only take a split second to win or lose in an event. Yet, as Wahyanites, we understand that apart from winning or losing, what matters most in sports, or even in life, is the fighting spirit for constantly seeking personal best and breakthroughs.

This year, our swimmers have risen to 6th place overall, capturing eight medals on the way– amid the uncertain pandemic situation. Special thanks go to S6 swimmers who rejoined the team at short notice after the HKDSE examinations.

We shall keep fighting like a Wahyanite – in hoc signo vinces!