19 May 2023

Inter-School Football Competition 2022-2023

Keeping their composure in the face of some of the strongest teams in town, our Boys C Grade Football Team stood second in Division 1 of the Inter-School Football Competition 2022-23, and made a mark on our uphill climb in recent decades!

Although behind the scoreboard and trophy of this match were years of setbacks and disappointment, what sets Wah Yan sportsmen apart is the courage and bravery to face failures, and the determination to bounce back and get back on track.

We congratulate our homegrown footballers, who have joined the team since F1, on putting up an impressive performance that demonstrated discipline, teamwork, tenacity, passion, and most importantly, the spirit of MAGIS – although they came second in this match, they are indeed second to none in the pursuit of personal breakthroughs and human excellence.  In hoc signo vinces!