24 Apr 2023

Green Lunch 2023

School life at WYK is getting more vibrant as we snap back into our routine. On 20 April, the Green Lunch was held with over 200 students and teachers joining in the fun (and feast) with their utensils!

Eating green has never been dull and bland here. In addition to promoting a sustainable diet that is good for both our health and planet (eg opting for plant-based foods, moderating meat consumption etc), we add colours to the event by celebrating cultural diversity – a splendid array of food on the tables include Chinese Dim Sum, Tea, and Crystal Pork Terrine; Korean Tteokbokki and Kimbap; Samosa, Mango Lassi, Pani Puri, and Guacamole, etc from the rest of the world.

Indeed, to care for our common home by following an eco-friendly and a sustainable diet can never be more fun and tastier – not only can we have a taste of good food, we also savour the distinct flavours of different cultures as we celebrate unity in plurality.