14 Feb 2023

Grantham Visual Arts Awards 2021/22

Illuminating with artistic flair, Wahyanites shone through at the Grantham Visual Arts Awards 2021/22 – in both the Senior and Junior Groups. We are glad to see that, of the 20 awardees this year, two sprouted from WYK:

  • Junior Group – LAM Ho Fung (3Y)
  • Senior Group – LEUNG William (Class of 2022)

Witnessing how they have grown and matured with perseverance along their journeys added significance to the results this year. As such, William, once a holder of the Junior Group award a few years back, again nailed it as he ascended to the Senior Group.

Be it in the arts or other areas, we hope that every Wahyanite finds joy in seeking personal breakthroughs in their different endeavours – persevere, and be courageous to explore and experiment as they pursue their dreams.