05 Sep 2023

First Day of School – Post-T10

This academic year of 2023-24, we embraced yet another extraordinary beginning.  School “started with suspension” on 1 September due to Super Typhoon Saola, which left two big and old trees on our vast campus damaged and fallen in its wake. 

Although it pains us to see our dear Delonix Regia, commonly known as the Flame Tree (鳳凰木) uprooted by the typhoon, we are blessed that the rest of our 200 plus trees (including 2 newly planted) are staying strong and have persevered through adversity!

In the aftermath of the super typhoon are some valuable learning opportunities.  We are glad to see that as soon as school resumed on 4 September, Wahyanites offered their hearts (and hands, literally) to care for our campus, helping to remove the debris.

Indeed, since 2019, school has not started in the most traditional and ordinary way.  However, every time, Wahyanites have managed well in facing each challenge head-on and persevered in adversity – just like most of our trees on campus.  By this sign, we shall conquer.