13 Aug 2021

Awardee of Multi-faceted Excellence Scholarship (Class of 2021)

Congratulations to our young talent in Cantonese Opera, TAM Ching (Class of 2021), on being awarded the Multi-faceted Excellence Scholarship for studying Music at The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Ching developed his interest in and passion for Cantonese Opera at the tender age of 3.  As a gifted music maker, Ching also fares well in musical instruments in both the Chinese and Western worlds, including Zhongruan, Yangqin, and the piano, to name but a few.  His passion for Cantonese Opera and music, in general, has earned him numerous Champion titles and performance opportunities at home and abroad.

Our best wishes to Ching in pursuit of his dream – dare to dream, fly higher and shine brighter with love and passion!

Learn more from the story in Sing Tao today:

聯招放榜|港青箭將粵劇小生 「多元」獎學金升讀中大