08 Mar 2021

Arrangements for Half-Day Face-to-Face Class Resumption from 15 March Onwards

As the pandemic evolves around the globe, there seems to be no ironclad guarantee of the placidity of life that we are all used to.  Yet, the essence of Jesuit education is about being responsive and adaptive to the signs of the times.  We hope that all Wahyanites, no matter who you are – new to Wah Yan (S.1), in a stew over subject selection (S.2-3), or anxious exam warriors-to-be (S.4-5), can feel well taken care of with our fine-tuned arrangements.  Let us pray that full-scale class resumption will be allowed by the EDB when the pandemic situation is ameliorated.

Please click here for the arrangements for half-day face-to-face class resumption from 15 March onwards.