09 Feb 2024

An Inspiring Weekend with WYK Public Sector Doctor Alumni

Our utmost gratitude to our eminent doctor alumni in the public medical sector for coming home on 27 January to meet their younger brothers at WYK for a sincere sharing and fruitful panel discussions on Postgraduate Medical Education, Specialty Training and Career Pathways in Hospital Authority, University (Academia) and Department of Health (Government)!

Organised by a core group of WYK Medical Students at HKU led by Andy KAN (WYK19), Wanyanites gained invaluable insights into a career in the public medical sector and how to excel as competent clinicians and leaders in medicine, and gained a lot of wisdom especially in the panel discussions led by Dr Tony KO Pat-sing (WYK83), Dr Raymond HO Lei-ming (WYK83), Prof LAM Ching-wan (WYK84), Prof William WONG Chi-wai (WYK84), Dr Simon CHEUNG Chi-yuen (WYK87), Dr WOO Yu-cho (WYK87), Dr Rock LEUNG Yuk-yan (WYK93), Dr Steven SIU Wai-kwan (WYK95), Dr CHAN Shing-po (WYK13). We shall always aim high and strive for excellence – always excelling for the greater good in the spirit of Men for and with Others.

On top of that, we were particularly touched and impressed by the strong Wah Yan brotherhood among our doctor alumni, exemplified by how they collaborate and support one another throughout their career, also how they contribute to nurturing the next generations of medical enthusiasts. We shall carry on the tradition and foster the bonding between doctor alumni, medical student alumni, current WYK students and the School – once a Wahyanite, forever a Wahyanite!