01 Sep 2020

Address by our Supervisor, Fr. Stephen Chow, S.J., at the School Opening Ceremony

Dear Wahyanites, together we are making it through rocky times, and this is exactly what makes us tougher. Looking ahead, we shall keep accompanying you to journey into uncharted waters in the spirit of “unity in plurality”, as learning to be empathic with others’ needs, ideas and feelings, being ethically discerning with a universal heart are exactly key to the Jesuit education that we have long been offering here at Wah Yan. It is always easy to simply agree or disagree; however, at Wah Yan, we should endeavour to “agree to disagree”, allowing room for open, dynamic, and meaningful exchange, which is exactly what makes a community vibrant. We strive to unite in plurality; after all, we are all Wahyanites.