Our school is a Jesuit school that is dedicated to the mission of nurturing our students to become competent, conscientious, compassionate and committed young gentlemen in a caring learning community. To fulfill our mission, our school, like other Jesuit schools, attaches great importance to the provision of cura personalis (personal care) for our students. Our efforts to offer personal care for our students to foster their academic pursuits can also be shown by the adoption of small class arrangements with the support from Wah Yan One Family Foundation. The generous support of the Foundation enables us to limit the class size to at most 30 students.

In recent years, we have also refined our class allocation system in the junior secondary to ensure that classes would be made up of students from diverse backgrounds as suggested by a study conducted by HKU. The decision to assign students to classes with diverse backgrounds aims at providing our students with opportunities to learn from their classmates. To foster brotherhood, students will remain in the same class for F.1 and F.2. After finishing F.2, students will be reallocated to different classes in accordance with their academic performance when they are promoted to F.3.

Students in the junior secondary will be given additional support in language learning when it is proven that they can learn better in a small group enhancement setting. Smaller groups which can facilitate teacher-student and peer-to-peer interactions are arranged for the learning of Chinese and English Languages, which would enhance the effectiveness of language learning. For students who need further enhancement in their Mathematics, they will be required to attend enhancement classes after school. Supported by teachers in smaller groups, students would be able to better master the mathematical concepts.