The Guidance Committee assist students in their learning, growth and development by providing supportive services to meet academic and emotional challenges, including peer relationship problems, learning difficulties, family problems, academic stress, adjustment etc. In addition, the committee also help students to develop personal strengths and talents as well as promote wellness and resilience.

To promote whole-person development of students, the committee offers a variety of programmes   which include ‘Men For and With Others Mentorship Programme’, ‘Experiential Leaning Programme’, ‘Service Programme’, ‘Leadership Training Programme’ and ‘Parents’ Seminars’.

The school has three psychologists and two social workers who form part of the Guidance Committee. They identify and support students with academic, social or emotional problems, maximize their educational opportunities and prepare them for adulthood.


Educational Psychologists

Ms. CHIN Yuen Wa Celine (EDB)

Dr. CHU Ho Tat Matthew


Clinical Psychologist

Ms. CHAN KA Wing Patricia


School Social Workers

Mr. AU Wai Lun Issac

Mr. LAW Shun Hei Delex

Students can download the Social Service Scheme Handbook here.